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Fat Bombur.

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Q: Who was it that fell asleep in Mirkwood in 'The Hobbit'?
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Why did bombur fall asleep inside mirkwood?

He fell into the river and got enchanted into a deep sleep.

How did Bombur's unfortunate incident slow their travels?

He fell asleep when he fell into the magic stream in Mirkwood. The others had to carry him, which slowed them down.

What is the name of the elven woods in The Hobbit?


Who lived in mirkwood in The Hobbit book?

There were forest elves living in Mirkwood. There were also large spiders nesting in the forest.

Is elven king a person or race in 'The Hobbit'?

The elven king in The Hobbit is the leader of the race of Elves that lived in Mirkwood.

The hobbit Why cant the party go around mirkwood?


In The Hobbit where is the elves' wine made?

In the Hobbit, King Thranduil of Mirkwood, the Wood Elves' king, liked his wine from Dorwinion. His wine was also imported by the Elves of Mirkwood in barrels down the Forest River from Long lake.

What are the woods that the thirteen dwarves and Bilbo go through in 'The Hobbit'?

They Went through Mirkwood

In The Hobbit what happened when they entered the ring of light to beg for food?

The lights immediately went out and they fell asleep, enchanted by some spell on the clearing.

Where is thorin in chapter 8 the hobbit?

The party enters Mirkwood.

What happened to the travelers food in the book The Hobbit?

Before they reached Rivendale, the pony carrying their food fell into a stream. Going over the mountian, the ponies and all their belongings were taken by the goblins. In Mirkwood they ate it all.

What is the difference between fall asleep and fell asleep?

Fall asleep is future tense Ex. I am going to fall asleep. Fell asleep is past tense Ex. I fell asleep.