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He doesn't kiss her in New moon

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2010-06-24 12:22:13
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Q: In new moon what page is it when Jacob kisses Bella?
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What page in new moon does Jacob first kiss Bella?

He does not kiss her in New Moon.

What chapter do Jacob and Bella kiss?

Jacob kisses her against her will in chapter fifteen (page 330) of Eclipse. They kiss again in chapter twenty-three (page 526).

What page Bella find out Jacob is a werewolf in new moon?

Chapter 12. Intruder, page 258.

On what page in new moon does Jacob Black kiss Bella Swan?

They do not kiss in New Moon. Jacob and Bella do not kiss in New Moon. That kiss doesn't happen until close to the end of Eclipse. they kiss twice in Eclipse (once on page 330 - and once on page 526 -> 529)

What page in new moon does Jacob become a werewolf?

Jacob tries to tell Bella in Chapter 12- Intruder; page 283- But due to an order given by Sam, he cannot. Bella has the dream that helps her figure it out on page 291 She eventually figures it out on page 293 She tells Jacob on page 305 Hope this helps!

What page in eclipse does Jacob first kiss Bella?

Chapter 15. Wager, page 293/4 is when Jocob forcfully kisses Bella and she punches him and breaks her hand And chapter 23. Monster, page 467/8 they kiss again, before Jacob runs off to kill new borns.

What page in eclipse does Jacob kiss Bella?

Not Sure about the page but he declares his love right at the end of the chapter 'Declaration' and then kisses her right at the start of 'Wager'. I'll ask my sister the page x

On what page in New Moon does Bella find out Jacob is a werewolf?

Bella actually finds out that Jacob is a werewolf in Twilight, when she is asking many questions and looking up things about werewolfs online on her room computer.

What page does Jacob save Bella when she is drowning?

Jacob saves Bella from drowning in chapter 16. 'Paris".

What page in Eclipse does Bella see her life with Jacob?

page 469

In which chapter does Jacob say he loves Bella?

Jacob tells Bella he loves her on the last page of chapter 14.

What page does Jacob come to Bella's school?

Page 425 - it's at the prom when Billy Black pays Jacob to tell Bella to keep away from Edward.

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