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to increase the pitch in a musical instrement you need to what to the part

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Q: In music what is an increase in pitch called?
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A gradual increase in sound is called?

In music, it is called a crescendo.

In music the frequency of a sound wave is called?

Pitch - In music, the higher or lower the pitch, the higher or lower the note. Pitch is determined by the frequency of the sound waves.

What is the terminology in music for increasing in tone?

Crescendo is the term used for an increase in volume

In music a sound that has a definite pitch is called what?

A sound that has a definite pitch is called a tone. A tone can be characterized based on loudness or intensity, timbre or quality, pitch, and duration.

How lightly or heavily a piece of music is played is called what?

Pitch of voice.

What is musical intelligence?

It's basically what you know about music, because music isn't only playing skills. You also have to increase your music knowledge. Musical intelligence's basic cores are rhythm, pitch, harmony, and timbre.

What does cresc mean?

a crescendo,or cresc, for short is a symbol in a piece of music indicating to gradually get louder .a decrescendo means he opposite,to gradually get softer.

Does sound increase when temperature does?

It depends on the sort of acoustical music instruments you have. If the temperature goes up, the pitch of woodwind instruments go up too, but the pitch of string instruments go down.

What would happen to the sound produced by a stretched string if you increased it's tautness?

The pitch would increase, getting higher.

How higth or low a note sounds is called?

Pitch or frequency depending if you referring to music or science

Do the notes in a music measure frequency or pitch?


How does the pitch increase the pitch on the trumpet?

tighten your lips as you play