In music what does sonore mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A Full Deep or Rich sound

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Q: In music what does sonore mean?
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When was Installation Sonore created?

Installation Sonore was created in 1999.

What has the author Edith Lecourt written?

Edith Lecourt has written: 'Freud et l'univers sonore' -- subject(s): Music, Psychoanalysis, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Music

What has the author Albert Cotte written?

Albert Cotte has written: 'Volume Sonore'

John Luc Picard was seen lsitening to male vocals from a Berlioz recording what was it called?

It's Berlioz "Vallon Sonore"

How do you say car horn in French?

'un klaxon' (common name) or 'un avertisseur sonore' (the 'official' name in the highway code)

What has the author Paola Valentini written?

Paola Valentini has written: 'Presenze sonore' -- subject(s): History, Radio broadcasting, Sound motion pictures

What is the opera song playing during the scene where Jean-Luc and Guinan argue in Star Trek First Contact?

Les Troyens; Vallon sonore (hylas)

What does t mean in music?

Could you be more specific about what you mean? What is the context in which this 't' appears in music? And what sort of music are you referring to?

What does issimo mean in music mean?


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Do you mean back-up singers? Or do you mean "who was in the music video''?

What does found music mean?

Music with lesbians doe

What does karoke mean?

it mean only a music for a song, but no one sing it, it' only a music for a song..