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Roger is first shown crushing sandcastles and throwing rocks (aiming to miss) at littl'uns. Then, as the novel progresses, he leans on the lever that sends a boulder down Castle Rock (aiming to hit) and killed Piggy. His final, and most disturbing, display of cruelty is when he, "sharpened a stick at both ends." This signifies that he was ready to murder Ralph, cut his throat, and put his decapitaited head on the stick as an offering to Satan.

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roger buys henry a new ferrari

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Q: In lord of the flies what does roger do to cruelly bother Henry?
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What does roger do to cruelly bother Henry chapter 4 of lord of flies?

He pushes a huge boulder onto Piggy which knocked the conch out of Piggy's hand causing the conch to break and also caused Piggy to die.

Lord of the Flies - Who knocks over the sand castle?

Percival, Henry and Johnnie.

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Who does roger throw stones at but does not hit?


What does Roger represent in Lord of the Flies?

Roger is probably the personification of pure evil.

Who has the hangman's horror about in Lord of the Flies?


What are Roger's early traits in Lord of the Flies?

Roger is described as being a questionable and seedy character at the beginning of the book. He is also generally mean, he destroys the "littluns" and throws rocks at Henry (missing on purpose).

Lord of the flies-Why does he stop short of actually hitting Henry with the stones?

Roger is still controlled by the civilization imprinted into him by people in authority. Although nobody is there to get him into trouble, he is so used to getting in trouble for doing something like that, and doesn't actually hit Henry.

Who was throwing rocks at the littuns in the lord of the flies?


What evidence is there at the beginning of the 4th chapter of Lord of the Flies that the boys are regressing to a more natural primitive state?

At the beginning of Lord of the Flies three of the littluns Johnny, Henry, and Percival are playing a game that involves the sandcastle they built. Roger and Maurice run out of the forest and stomp on the sandcastle. The are bullying the kids just because the kids are beneath them. Maurice throws sand in Percival's eyes. Initially Maurice feels guilty but he gets over the guilty feeling. Roger, although aiming to miss, throws stones at Henry. Although he never hits Henry, he just does it to be mean.