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Roger and Maurice.

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Q: Who knocks over the sand castle in lord of the flies?
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In Lord of the Flies - what was Jack's quest?

In Lord of the Flies Jack had two quests. First and foremost he wanted to be the leader, he wanted power over all of the boys on the island. Jack's second quest was to hunt and kill.

When was Lord of the Flies banned in public schools?

It was banned independent by many school districts over the years.

What does Jack rub all over maurice in the lord of the flies?

The pig's blood, which had spurted over his hands when he slit the sow's throat.

How are lost and Lord of the Flies similar?

In order to achieve one’s aspiration or desire, it may be necessary for some to become ruthless and cruel. Macbeth by William Shakespeare and Lord of the Flies by William Golding both depict characters intent on achieving complete power over others by ‘removing’ all obstacles in their way. Jack and Macbeth stand out in their ability to manipulate, demonstrating great skill in convincing other characters to commit atrocities for their own benefits. They share a common motivation, driven by ambition

What did the boys do to Robert when they were playing game in Lord of the Flies?

After their encounter with a boar, on their journey from castle rock to the mountain, the boys did a reenactment of a pig hunt with Robert playing the part of the boar. The boys got over excited and a little carried away, poking him with their spears and grabbing hold of his body and squeezing. The result was that Robert was physically hurt, terrified and in tears. When the game was over he rubbed his rump and complained "Oh, my bum!"