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No, Johanna does not die in Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd.

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it doesnt say exactly but i think that her and Anthony run away

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Q: In Sweeney Todd does Johanna die?
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Who plays Johanna in Sweeney Todd?

Jayne Weisner plays Johanna in the 2007 remake of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Who does Anthony fall in love with in Sweeney Todd?

Johanna, the daughter of Sweeney Todd but adopted by Judge Turpin when Sweeney was sent to Australia as a prisoner.

What was sweeney todds wife name?

Bejamin Barker's (Todd) daughter was named Johanna. His wife was Lucy

What is the song joanna sings in sweeney todd?

Johanna's main song in the musical is Green Finch and Linnet Bird

When did sweeney todd die?

During the last scene.

How does Tobias ragg die in the movie Sweeney Todd?

He doesn't die.

What actors and actresses appeared in Sweeney Todd - 1928?

The cast of Sweeney Todd - 1928 includes: Charles Ashton as Mark Ingestre Iris Darbyshire as Amelia Lovett Brian Glenny as Tobias Wragg Judd Green as Simon Podge Philip Hewland as Ben Wagstaffe Harry Lorraine as Mick Todd Moore Marriott as Sweeney Todd Zoe Palmer as Johanna

Who has the story set up to be Sweeney Todd's enemy?

I assume you are referring to Stephen Sondheim's musical Sweeney Todd, which was made into a movie starring Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton.There have been quite a few totally, completely different versions of the Sweeney Todd story. For example, Ben Kingsley stars as Sweeney Todd in a version that could not be more different. There's no revenge story, no Lucy and Johanna, no Judge Turpin, etc. In the Ben Kingsley version, Sweeney is a greedy villain, rather than a tragic character motivated by revenge.Anyway, in Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd, Judge Turpin is Sweeney's principal enemy.

What certificate is the Sweeney Todd movie?

The Sweeney Todd movie is a 18.

When was Sweeney Todd - ballet - created?

Sweeney Todd - ballet - was created in 1959.

What is the duration of The Tale of Sweeney Todd?

The duration of The Tale of Sweeney Todd is 1.63 hours.

Whats the name of the movie with Johnny Depp as Sweeny Todd?

The name of the movie is 'Sweeney Todd'. With Johnny Depp starring as Sweeney Todd. Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. HA!