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Bejamin Barker's (Todd) daughter was named Johanna. His wife was Lucy

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Sweeney's wife's name is Lucy.

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Q: What was sweeney todds wife name?
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Where did sweeney todds victims end?

In a delicious pie

Sweeney Todds original name was Benjamin Barker so why did he choose the name Sweeney Todd as his second name?

Answer: One must remember that Sweeney Todd returned to London illegally, and therefore could not parade around using his old name, which Judge Turpin would immediatly recognise. Sweeney Todd was just a name he chose to use while residing in London.

Milton Hershey wife name?

Catherine"Kitty" Sweeney.

What is the name of sweeny todd's girlfriend?

Sweeney had a wife, her name was Lucy Barker.

What is sweeney todds secret dish?

I didn't think he had one. He killed people and their meat was used by the butcher (I think?) next door.

In eastenders what is todds real name?

his real name is Ashley Kumar.

What was mark todds horses name in the 1988 olympics?


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What is the birth name of Calvin Sweeney?

Calvin Sweeney's birth name is Sweeney, Calvin Eugene.

What is the birth name of Julia Sweeney?

Julia Sweeney's birth name is Julia Anne Sweeney.

What is the birth name of Thomas Sweeney?

Thomas Sweeney's birth name is Thomas Damien Sweeney.

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