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in episode 57 and 58. he also sees kagome naked too and he's human, so it hits him hard emotionly

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Q: In 'InuYasha' does InuYasha himself ever get kidnapped?
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Is Inuyasha the best show ever?

Totally Inuyasha is the best show ever made.

Does kagome confesses she love inuyasha?

Yes she does confesses that she loves inuyasha . it on movie 2 and on episode where she got kidnapped and tells kagura and the creepy infant

Does sesshomoraru ever cry in inuyasha?

Sesshmoraru does cry in Inuyasha.

In what inuyasha episodes does someone want kagome to be their wife?

InuYasha was not wed in the anime. He did, however, marry Kagome in the last chapter of the manga.

Do Inuyasha and jakotsu ever kiss?


Who kidnapped hurrem sultan?

nobody ever kidnapped Hurrem

Which episode of Inuyasha has Kagome being kidnapped by a half demon?

Episode 36 and 37.Kagome was actually captured by a pure wolf-demon named Kouga. I don't recall her ever being captured by a half-demon.

Do Inuyasha and kogame ever have babies?

No but they do get married

Will inuyasha ever admit his feelings to kagome?

he does

What ever happened to inuyasha kaome?

they had a kid and lived happily ever after

Does kagome ever sit Inuyasha when he is human?

There is no episodes that show Inuyasha in his mortal form being "sit".

Did Inuyasha ever go onMTV?

yes he has, but im not sure why. try looking it up, "Inuyasha on Mtv"