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Something is wrong with the math here, if you sold each ticket for only a dollar each, you should have at least 500 dollars but you only have 475. I think someone is flagrantly skimming money in your boxoffice.

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Assuming that revenue (the amount collected) is meant rather than profit (the excess of revenue over the unstated cost), there must have been 181 adults and 64 children. One can compute this easily as follows: If all the tickets were sold to children, the revenue would have been $5 * 245 = $1225. This is $543 less than the given amount, and every time an adult ticket is sold instead of a child's ticket, the revenue increases by $3. Thus there were $543/$3 = 181 adult tickets sold, leaving 64 children. Check: $8 * 181 + $5 * 64 = $1448 + $320 = $1768.

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181 adults and 64 kids

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Q: If a movie theatre's last show 245 tickets were sold an adults tickets 8 and a child's ticket 5 how many children and how many adults went to the last show if the theatre's profit was 1 768?
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