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There no way to compare a Leopard and a Jaguar.The Jaguar wins no contest.

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Q: If a jaguar fights a leopard who would win?
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Who would win at night jaguar or leopard?


Who will win jaguar or leopard at night?


Jaguar vs Leopard?

In a fight between the jaguar anbd the leopard the jaguar would win because it's bigger and stronger. Jaguars are also built more bulky.But the leopard has his advantage as faster and more cunning. The jaguar would win

Would a jaguar win or a cheetah?

Cheetahs cant even win against a leopard, which are smaller and weaker than a jaguar, but in a race the cheetah would winn easily.

Who would win in a fight between a leopard and a jaguar?

Hard to say, but physical properties would favor the heavier, more powerful jaguar.

Which would win a fight leopard or jaguar?

jaguar has way more advantages such as strength and bite force and much more and all a leopard has is speed and agility so if you compare jaguar is stronger and leopard is faster so for me strenght always wins

What would win jaguar or leopard?

The Jaguar would win because it is a lot bigger, heavier, and stronger than its smaller cousin.The Jaguar is twice the size of a Leopard. The leopard is faster, more intelligent, and a more agile climber. A Jaguar would have a hard chance catching a Leopard, but if it did it would have little problem killing the leopard.The jaguar, Bigger, Stronger, More aggresive. jaguars would kill anything that enters there territorie. A leopard will try to escape the jaguar and not fight it. jaguars have been known to take down animals like Black caimans and Anacondas. JAGUAR WINS

Who would win in a race between a cheetah a panther a jaguar and a leopard?

A cheetah, as it is the fastest land animal.

Can a jaguar eat a leopard?

Depends. In the wild they'd never meet - they live on different continents. But if they did meet, the Jaguar is a bit bigger, and would probably win a fight.

What will win jaguar or leopard?

Okay let me tell you the fight first.The leopard will roar at the jaguar and the jaguar will roar back then they will both get ready to battle the leopard will bite the jaguar and the jaguar will run away but the same jaguar will come up behind the leoard and use a smart move by biting to the back and piercing through the skull.And the jaguar will get through eating its meal.

What can win a leopard or a cheetah?

The Leopard would win easy.

What runs faster - a jaguar or a leopard?

A Jagur should definitely win just think about it