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Definitely the 5 rottweilers. A jaguar has no contest against these fierce dogs, especially when the dogs come together to attack, and the dogs would kill the jaguar as they would do it to a prey.

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Even 10 rottweiler is not enough for an adult jaguar
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8mo ago
I have seen pug scaring rottweiler, and jaguar OMG It's so huge with 1300 biteforce, how can you compare man made muscle with the steel

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Q: Who would win a fight a jaguar or 5 rottweilers?
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Who would win in a fight an alligator or jaguar?

alligators pone

Who would win in a fight between a leopard and a jaguar?

Hard to say, but physical properties would favor the heavier, more powerful jaguar.

What will win in a fight anconda vs jaguar?

it depends if the jaguar is large and muscular and strong it would win but if the anaconda was over100kg it would win.

Who would win in a fight between a Mexican wolf or Jaguar?

Hmm.. maybe a Mexican wolf

Will a jaguaror a lion win in a fight?

Although the jaguar is a powerful animal, the lion is larger and stronger, and most likely would win.

Who would win a fight between jaguar and a great white shark?

The winner would be the great white because of his size

Jaguar vs Leopard?

In a fight between the jaguar anbd the leopard the jaguar would win because it's bigger and stronger. Jaguars are also built more bulky.But the leopard has his advantage as faster and more cunning. The jaguar would win

Can a jaguar eat a leopard?

Depends. In the wild they'd never meet - they live on different continents. But if they did meet, the Jaguar is a bit bigger, and would probably win a fight.

What will win a Jaguar or fox?

Okay im going to tell you the fight first.If a jaguar and a fox was to fight a fox would go up to a jaguar and the jaguar will just stay there and when the fox will try to battle the fox will put his paw up and the jaguar will keep staying there and the jaguar will strike by using its paw and teeth the fox will get a way by using its paw and hitting the jaguar with his paw and run but then the jaguar will run after the fox and bite and get a grip onto the fox and kill the fox and that will be the end of the battle so the jaguar will win always.!

Who would win in a fight between a jaguar and a cheetah?

Jaguars are bigger and stronger but cheetahs are faster so the cheetah could strike easily but the jaguar could hold it still.

What would win a race a pitbull vs jaguar?


Who would win jaguar or adult black camain?

caiman would win