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Unless you have is real IM or AIM address I believe it is going to be very difficult for you to chat with Joe or any of the Jonas brothers' for that fact. The Jonas Brothers' lead a very hectic schedule i doubt they have much time to stay online and talk to the fans. Not saying they wouldn't, they just might be a tad bit busy. Just like the "Call Me" number that they have, do you seriously think the Jonas Brothers' listen to the millions of messages they get everyday? So you could go to their official myspace and send them a message, hopefully they'll try to get back to your questions or comments.

his aim screen name is ticklemejoey he is not on a lot but that's his official screen name

nicks is smashthedrum92 and kevins is pkjaded

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Q: I want to talk to Joe Jonas online. How do you do that?
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