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Clark James Gable is 6' 2".

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6 ft 0.5 in

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Q: How tall is Clark James Gable?
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Who is Clark James Gable's father?

Clark James Gable's father is John Clark Gable who was born March 20, 1961, 4 months after his father, Clark Gable's death. So, Clark James is the grandson of the legendary actor, Clark Gable.

Who is Clark Gables' grandson?

Clark Gable was a famous American actor known for his role as Rhett in Gone With The Wind. His grandson is Clark James Gable, the host of a reality television show.

What is the name of Clark Gable's brother?

Clark Gable doesn't have a brother.

What is Clark Gable's birthday?

Clark Gable was born on February 1, 1901.

What color eyes did clark gable have?

Clark Gable had gray eyes.

For what is John Clark Gable best known?

John Clark Gable has: Played himself in "Gable: The King Remembered" in 1975. Played himself in "Biography" in 1987. Played John T. Coleman in "Bad Jim" in 1990. Played Army Officer Terry in "A Burning Passion: The Margaret Mitchell Story" in 1994. Played himself in "Clark Gable: Tall, Dark and Handsome" in 1996. Performed in "Stolen Life" in 2009. Played Costello in "Sunset at Dawn" in 2014.

What was Clark Gable's mother's name?

Adeline Gable.

Did clark gable play Brett?

Clark Gable played Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.

What actors and actresses appeared in Clark Gable and Carole Lombard - 2003?

The cast of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard - 2003 includes: Clark Gable as himself Carole Lombard as herself

Who'sThe leading man in Gone With the Wind?

Actor: Clark Gable Actress: Vivian Leigh

Is David Jansen Clark Gable's son?

No David Janson is not Clark Gable's son. During Clark Gables life he had two biological children. He had a daughter born in 1935 to Loretta Young and in 1961 shortly after his death his last wife had a son John Clark Gable.

Which one of these was not a 'screen siren'-great garbo clark gable Marilyn monroe or jean harlow?

clark gable