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she was 13

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Q: How old was wild child genie when they found her?
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How old is Freddie in wild child?

He is 17

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Eugenie "Genie" Francis (Frakes) is 55 years old (birthdate: May 26, 1962).

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Genie was kept locked in her bedroom from 16 months to 13 years old by being tied to a child's toilet chair and tied to a bed with metal springs on top. She was fed baby food and cereal. Her dad would bark like a dog to warn her he was coming. He would beat her with a stick if she tried to talk or made some noise. On April 1970, she was found when her mother asked for welfare associates for the blind- her mother was near-sighted when Genie was found by authorities. Her dad committed suicide later on. Genie was held in a children's hospital in Los Angeles and never spoke-she just made infantile noises and would spit. Whenever she saw dogs she would scratch her self severely making herself bleed. She was seen doing a bunny walk. She did learn a few words and sign language until the other foster homes she was in, she became abused there also until she became unable to speak for a long time then was kept in confinement in an adult's foster home.

How old do you have to be to watch Wild Child?

you have to be older than a seven like a 9 year old rating hoped this helped :)watch it here

How old is Sophie Wu star of Wild Child?

She was born in March 29th of 1992, that makes her roughly 20 years old now.

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