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He is 17

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Q: How old is Freddie in wild child?
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Who played Freddie in wild child movie?

alex pettyfer

Who plays as fredy in wild child?

Freddie is played by Alex Pettyfer.

Is Poppy More dating Freddie Kingsley from Wild Child?

yes, in the end of the movie they become a couple

How old was wild child genie when they found her?

she was 13

What actors and actresses appeared in Freddie Aguilar a Child of the Revolution - 1989?

The cast of Freddie Aguilar a Child of the Revolution - 1989 includes: Freddie Aguilar as himself

Is the street that from wild child the one that Freddie took poppy to the pub a real street?

It's at robin hoods bay and yes it's real

Freddie who is he?

Freddie Kruger was a fictional child murderer in some horror movies

What actors and actresses appeared in Freddie Flintoff Goes Wild - 2012?

The cast of Freddie Flintoff Goes Wild - 2012 includes: Andrew Flintoff as himself

What are the names of the characters from wild child?

The main character in "Wild Child" is Poppy Moore. Other characters include Freddie Kingsley, Harriet Bentley, Kate, and Mr. Christopher Moore.

Who does Alex Pettyfer play in Wild Child?

Alex Pettyfer--omg he is so hot!--plays Freddie, the son of the headmistress of school Emma Roberts' character attends.

How old is Freddie Bynum?

Freddie Bynum is 31 years old (birthdate: March 15, 1980).

How old is Freddie Stroma?

Freddie Stroma is 30 years old (birthdate January 8, 1987).