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First of all his last name is spelled Bieber

Second, he does not write any of his songs Usher or Scooter Braun writes his songs. But they did the song "Baby" when he was 16.

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Q: How old was Justin when he wrote baby?
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What was the song Justin Bieber wrote about the girl who said she had his baby?


What favorite song that Justin Bieber wrote?


What was Justin Bieber's 1st song he wrote?

It was Baby.

Baby by Justin Bieber who wrote it?

Hannah Seaton and Catherine Readman

How old was Justin Bieber when he wrote the song baby?

Justin Bieber's "WHERE ARE YOU NOW" song was made last year that was his first song made if you are talking about "ONE TIME" Justin Bieber did not make that song. =]14

Did Justin wright baby and somebody to love?

Yes he wrote both of the songs

Why Justin bieber wrote the song maria?

Justin wrote the song about a women called mariah yeater who claimed justin was the father of her baby and tried to send him to court for child support but she was soon found to be lieing

What inspired Justin Bieber to write the song Baby?

I heard that he wrote it about Caitlin Beadles.

Why did Justin Bieber wrote the song Baby?

because, he didnt have a girl friend at the time

How old is justin biebers baby?

He dusnt have one

How old was Justin Bieber when he sung baby?

j.b. was 15

How old was justin bieber when he lost his first baby tooth?

he was 2 years old when he lost his first baby tooth.xx