How old is majin buu?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Gohan is 18 years old in the Kid Buu Saga. The Kid Buu Saga is part of the Dragon Ball Z series and is the final saga.

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Majin buu is thousands of years old or more

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Q: How old is majin buu?
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I cant find the episodes with majin buu. what series is he from?

isn't the buu saga named that since they are fighting majin buu?

A fat pink person from Dragon Ball Z?

Majin Buu

What are all dbz fusions?

Please note that these are DRAGON BALL Z fusions, NOT GT: Namekian: Piccolo+Nail= Piccolo (w/Nail) Piccolo (w/Nail)+Kami=Piccolo (w/Nail and Kami) OR "The Namek" (w/ Nail) Potara Earrings: Elder Kai+Old witch= Old Kai/ Elder Kai Goku (Kakarotto)+Vegeta= Vegetto Kibito+East Kaioshin= Kibito Kai Fusion Dance: Goten+Trunks= Gotenks (Skinny, Fat, and "Normal") Goku+Dende=? (hypothetical fusion) Goku+Hercule=Gokule? (hypothetical fusion) Cell Absorption: Imperfect Cell+Android 17+humans= Semi- Perfect Cell Semi-Perfect Cell+ Android 18= Perfect Cell Majin Buu Absorbtion: Kid Buu+South Kaioshin+Grand Kaioshin= Fat Buu Fat Buu+humans=Fat Buu Fat Buu-Evil Buu=Good Buu (NOT A FUSION!) Good Buu+Evil Buu=Super Buu Super Buu+Gotenks+Piccolo+Gohan=Super Buu Super Buu- Good Buu=Kid Buu ( NOT A FUSION!) Hope that helps!

Does chi- chi die in Dragon Ball Z?

Chi Chi Just Die One Time In Majin Buu Saga When Buu Trow His Massive Attack Cleaning All The World And On DBGT on The Last Episode When GratGrandSon Goku Jr Shes Alraedy Dead I Think For Natural Cause

Who is Uub from Dragon Ball Z?

He is the reincarnation of majin buu. While goku was fighting buu, he said that buu once had good in him before turning pure evil. Goku wished that buu could come back as a good person. King yenma heard the wish and made it happen and thus, uub was born.

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Who kills Majin Buu?

Goku killed buu (buu in his final form as "kid buu") with the spirit bomb

How was buu made?

Buu was made because Uub and buu did fusion it could only change to majin buu or majin Uub.

I cant find the episodes with majin buu. what series is he from?

isn't the buu saga named that since they are fighting majin buu?

How did buu transform?

Do you mean Majin Buu? He expels his negative energy and powers when he got angry, which formed in Evil Buu. Evil Buu then reflected a Chocolate Beam that Majin Buu fired at him, which turned Majin Buu into food. He then ate him, and turned into Super Buu.

How did goku die after the death of majin buu?

Goku doesn't die after Majin buu. Simple as that.

What race is majin buu?

Majin Buu,Evil Buu,Super Buu,and Kid Buu's race are Majins.Powerful and dangerous species.They can't get hurt from attacks of other races,but they can get hurt by their own kind.Or,maybe not...?

Did majin buu fused with vegeta?


Who defeats majin buu?


Who is the maker of DotA?

Majin buu

What happens after Goku and vegeta get out of majin buu?

He turns into Kid Buu.

Did majin buu kill gohan?

no because buu abzorbed gohan

Who is majjin buu?

Majin buu is the fat buu super buu is the one that absorbed gohan kid buu is the strongest of them all