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Goku doesn't die after Majin buu. Simple as that.

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Q: How did goku die after the death of majin buu?
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What episode does majin buu die?

Goku kills him with a spirit bomb

How does super buu die?

Super Buu Doesn't technically die, what happens is the Fat Majin Buu is taken out by Vegeta. Then majin gets shorter. He turns into kid buu. After that, things got worse. He destroys the Earth and Goku & Vegeta lure him to The Surpreme Kai's Planet. He dies by the way of Goku's Spirit Bomb. With the help of Hercule.....

How does vageta die?

he blows him self up with majin buu

Did vegeta die?

yes he does die he sacrifices his life for trunks and the others.But he died for no reason majin buu is still alive majin vegeta died for no reason

Does Gohan die more than once?

no he only died in majin buu saga

Did gohan ever die in dbz?

No he almost dies in Majin buu saga but he does not have a halo

Does chi- chi die in Dragon Ball Z?

Chi Chi Just Die One Time In Majin Buu Saga When Buu Trow His Massive Attack Cleaning All The World And On DBGT on The Last Episode When GratGrandSon Goku Jr Shes Alraedy Dead I Think For Natural Cause

How did Goku died in DBZ GT?

Vegeta died twice over the course of Dragon Ball Z; once during the Frieza Saga, where Frieza killed him with a death beam, and once in the Buu Saga, where he used "Final Flash" and turned himself to stone in an attempt to kill Majin Buu.Both times, he was resurrected by Shenron; the second time, Shenron thought of him as a "good guy."

Does broly die?

Yes after Goku, Gohan and Goten use the family Kamehame on Broly.

Is Goku stronger than vegeta?

When goku and vegeta first fought goku had to use kaioken x3 to keep up with vegeta but on N amek goku had reached truly great strength most sayians cannot reach and also goku became asuper sayian first and when goku fought majin buu vegeta admits that goku is the best actually he only used it to win not to keep up he wanted to use it to surpass vegeta they were tied in power at first well almost tied

How goku wished back after he had kill by cell?

He was never wished back. He came back for a day seven years later to compete in a World Martial Arts tournament and it all went downhill from when Majin Buu appeared. The fight eventually ended up in Otherworld and the old Supreme Kai gave his life in order for Goku to fight Kid Buu in the real world. PS-Old Supreme Kai doesn't really die as in gone for good, he just earns himself a halo.

How many times does gohan die?

gohan doesnt die but if your refuring to goku well then goku dies Actually, Gohan dies once. He dies when Buu blows up the whole planet, along with Trunks, Goten, and Piccolo