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Q: How old is Eleanor Calder in 2012?
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How old is Eleanor calder in 2013?


How old is Eleanor Calder 2013?


Who is Louis tomilson dating currently in 2012?

Eleanor Calder

Who is dating Louis out of one direction 2012?

Eleanor Calder.

Is Louis Tomlinson single April 2012?

No, he has a girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

Does Eleanor Calder have a tattoo?

Eleanor Calder has no known tattoos.

Who is Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend?

Eleanor Calder

Does Louis Tomlinson have a girlfriend?

Yes, Eleanor Calder :)

What is Louis Tomlinson girlfriend's name?

Eleanor Calder ;)

What are Eleanor Calder's parent's names?

Eleanor Calder's mother's name is Deborah Calder. Her father's name is Phil Calder.

Who is Elanor calder?

*Eleanor Calder is the goregeous girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson. She is 19 years old and is a Hollister model.

Is Louis Tomlinson single as of 2012?

No, he is still dating Eleanor Calder (@EleanorJCalder on Twitter)