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Every 25th-27th day of each month, 3 or so Naruto Shippuden episodes are dubbed and then aired. Up to now, there are only up to 48 Naruto Shippuden English Dubs. You can watch theme on.

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It won't be for a while yet but I would estimate it will be around July - August of 2010

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Probably this episode will be available in English in late September or early October. You can always check wikipedia for updates.

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It has been released on dubhappy

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Q: When is the release date of naruto shippuden episode 54 English dub?
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What is the last English episode of naruto Shippuden?

The last Naruto Shippuden episode is episode 64

What episode does Naruto learn to use his Wind Release Rasenshuriken in the Naruto Shippuden anime?

Naruto learns to use Wind Release: Rasenshuriken in Naruto Shippuden episode 88. The episode is called "Wind Release: Rasenshuriken!"

When will they release naruto shippuden episode 45 in English?

25th June or in that week

What season and Episode is Naruto currently on in English Dub?

For naruto shippuden its on episode 107

Where can you watch naruto shippuden episode 213 with subs?

You can find Naruto Shippuden episode 222 English dubbed at this website:

What is the release date for Naruto Shippuden accel in aus?

i do not know but the regular naruto end at episode 220 so they may release shippuden on the final episode of naruto

What episode in Naruto Shippuden does Naruto have chakra virus?

"Naruto: Outbreak" Shippuden #183 (I think it was called Naruto-Itis in english)

Is naruto Shippuden episode 63 out in English?

Not yet.....

What episode number is confessions in naruto?

If you are reffering to Naruto shippuden: 'Confession' then it is episode 166, which is the latest english dubbed episode

When does each naruto shippuden episode come out in English?


Has Naruto Shippuden episode 22 beendubbed in English?


When will Naruto Shippuden 115 come out?

every Friday a new English subbed naruto shippuden episode comes out same with the naruto manga