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Q: How many theaters are there in nyc?
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What is the difference between theaters and select theaters?

"Theaters" means everywhere from your local mall to Graham's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, while "Select Theaters" means like it shows only in cities like NYC or special film centers.

What is a Broadway play?

It's a play on broadway, which is a whole bunch of streets in NYC where there are hundreds of theaters.

How many theaters are in Los Angeles?

Not even close to the amount as in New York City. On Broadway alone there are 61 Theaters, 29 just off Broadway.Then others off off Broadway and theaters nowhere near Broadway . LA I don't think has even close to the 61 that NYC has just on the one street of Broadway alone. Its sickening how people want to try to compare LA to NYC, there is no comparison at all,none.

Where does PVRCinemas have theaters?

They have many theaters in many locations. Mainly they have Imax theaters which are located everywhere as well. These theaters are very nice and offer a great time with your friends.

How many theaters are in the Kennedy center?

6. there are 6 theaters.

How many indoor theaters were in the us in 2011?

38,974 indoor movie theaters

What were the theatrical groups in Shakespeare's time?

in his time theaters did not have good reputation. Many hated the theaters and it was a social shame to work in theaters.

How many theaters did the blind side open in?

The movie played in 3407 theaters in the U.S.

What are the release dates for Casualties of War - 2012?

Casualties of War - 2012 was released on: USA: 23 September 2012 (DFA Screening Anthology Theaters NYC)

How many movie theaters are there in America?

Perhaps there are like 3000 theaters in north America; AMC, Regal, and a few other independent theaters.

How many theaters are in Broadway?


How many Broadway theaters are there?

about 100?

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