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officially none in naruto first series but several should have been ranked a/s rank missions until shippuden and nearly all unless u add some side stories that arent main part of the manga

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he has finished 16 missions. 1 C rank, 7 D rank, 6 A rank, 2 B rank but he never joined S rank coz his ninja rank wouldn't allow him he is Genin .

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Q: How many s rank missions does naruto go on?
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In naruto he go on a s-rank misson what does s-rank misson means?

missions are ranked by their level of difficulty. the easiest is D-rank and gets harder as you go back ward to A. S-ranks are the a MOST difficult missions.

How do you unlock nine tailed Naruto in Naruto Ultimate Ninja?

Complete all B-rank missions. Please go to

My explorers of the sky won't let me go on 5 star wonder missions what to I do so I can go my rank is diamond and I want to do these missions to get a fire stone to evolve my vulpix any suggestions?

You need to be a higher rank, like Ultra, Hyper, or Master rank.

When until naruto and Hinata in shippuden will they go on missions together?

In the Hunt for Uchiha arc

How do you get characters in Naruto clash of ninja 4?

you just do misson mode,do 120 to get everyone but one tailed naruto, kisame,and kabuto. then you just do 3 S rank missions for speicific details go to then stragety guide. but to get everyone from tayuya to kisame it could take a week or two.

What does the Secret Rank do on Pokemon Explorers of the sky?

It lets you go on missions for legendary pokemon. :)

Are the Naruto movies part of the storyline?

In the old Naruto show, Team 7 used to go on random missions to learn teamwork/to train. The movies were usually just extremely difficult missions that probably had something to do with Naruto's personal life. So my answer is yes and no.

How do you play a mission in Naruto arena?

no u go to home page click ninja missions

How do you get Sasuke itachi and kisame in Naruto uzamaki 2?

you get sasuke by beating story mode get itachi and kisame buy beating all in game missions including all the s rank missions then you go to kakashi gendian story and beat the hole kakashi gendian story the you can unlock itachi and kisame.

How do you get rank 3 in lego universe?

You just have to keep doing missions! You get more missions if you sign up for membership and for easy leveling up, go to crux prime!

Does Hinata go out with kiba or Naruto?

yes on missions I'm not sure about when they aren't on a mission

How do you work the missions Naruto-arena?

Simply do as they say in any match. For instance, if they say to win 15 battles with naruto, go to either a quick game or ladder match with naruto in your 3 man cell, and win.