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he has finished 16 missions. 1 C rank, 7 D rank, 6 A rank, 2 B rank but he never joined S rank coz his ninja rank wouldn't allow him he is Genin .

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2012-07-11 11:53:17
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Q: How many rank missions dose naruto have?
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Missions in Naruto arena?

There are lots of missions in Naruto Arena. Just click "Missions" and which rank you want.

How do you get kyuubi Naruto in Naruto arena?

rise of jinchuruki in the b rank missions

How do you unlock ninetaled Naruto and cursemarked Sasuke in Naruto ultimateninja?

For naruto, you beat b rank missions.

In Naruto Ultimate Ninja how you pass the b rank missions?

B rank's are difficult they are probably the most hardest

In Naruto Ultimate Ninja 1 how do you get nine tailed Naruto and curse marked Sasuke?

to unlock curse marked sasuke you must achieve the rank of chunin in the missions category. To do this, you must first become a genin by completing the training missions, then complete ALL the d rank missions. then you will have acquired him. to unlock nine tails naruto, you must complete all the b rank missions. You must be at least chunin to do this.

How many s rank missions does naruto go on?

officially none in naruto first series but several should have been ranked a/s rank missions until shippuden and nearly all unless u add some side stories that arent main part of the manga

How do you unlock all people on Naruto arena?

The key is to get your rank up and do all the missions.

What is a Ladder Rank in Naruto arena?

Ladder Rank determins your rank, such as Chunnin or Jounin. This allows access to more missions to unlock better characters.

How do you unlock nine tailed Naruto in Naruto Ultimate Ninja?

Complete all B-rank missions. Please go to

In naruto he go on a s-rank misson what does s-rank misson means?

missions are ranked by their level of difficulty. the easiest is D-rank and gets harder as you go back ward to A. S-ranks are the a MOST difficult missions.

How do unlock kyubi Naruto on Naruto Ultimate Ninja 1?

Beat the Missons up until you reach Anbu rank. That means beating Tutorial Rank up to A-Class Missions. If you want to know how to get Curse Mark Sasuke, you must get Chunin Rank in the missions mode, I know because I have him. I hope this helps you.

How do you unlock people in Naruto arena?

You unlock them by doing missions, you can find them in the homepage, if you are a genin you can only do D and C rank missions... Also you can do 1 on Shippuuden.

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