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there are 7 notes

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Q: How many notes are there in eastern music?
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How many natural notes are there in music?


How many words can be made from the music notes?


How many music notes can one staff have in it?


music notes to tah?


What musicans read to play music?

They read notes

What do musical notes mean?

notes of music

How many eighth notes are in the b flat concert scale for music?

There is no relationship between eighth notes and a concert scale.

Why does Chinese music sound different from typical western style music?

The style of music uses different instruments, such as the Sanxian (lute with 3 strings and no frets). Most Chinese music is quite calming. The scales are also different, in traditional western style music the scale has eight notes in eastern music it has only five notes causing it to sound quite different. cooldude

What is music scores and notes?

Music scores and notes - the notation of music. Music must be notated so that other people can play/sing it.

What is the homophone of many notes of music sounded at the same time?

chord, cord

What is beamed notes?

beamed notes are a music note with a flag.

What is the timing of the music sounds of notes in the music?