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Q: What movie is this quote from fall in love as many times as you can with as many things as possible because in the end it's all that really matters?
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What is the only thing that really matters?

Experiencing happiness or things that lead to it, bring it, or give it.

What types of things cannot be answered by scientific methods?

Matters of faith or theology

Why are child beauty pagents bad for little girls?

well it matters. They can be because they make them obsessed with things. No to because it teaches them to have a high priority in things

Can you get cancer from eating really hot things?

yes it is possible

Why you can never really throw matter away?

According to the Law of Conservation of Matter, it is impossible to really throw things away. This is possible because matter does not disappear, it only changes form.

Is it really possible for humans to create things?

Yes, it is, but don't ask me how!

Is it really possible that you can things like in Naruto?

i bet youmeant is it really possible that you get things like in naruto but you said can and the answer is YES!!! my cousin has a real knife that naruto used to throw at people on the TV show

Why do people laugh when someone tells them someones died?

because they are being rude and thinks they can get away with it, but if i were that person i would tell an adult as soon as possible! you shouldn't say things like that to people because it can lead up to fights then things will not be really good. but i really think people laugh is because they think its a joke but it's not.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compound to what lies with in us?

It means don't worry about the future or stress about why happened in the past because they are irrelevant. What matters more is who we are, and the attitude we want to take on life. Those two things are what really determines how our life will end up.

Can all matters be seen?

No because everything is matter and some things u cant see

How do you show that you are not afraid going out to parties and other stuff around your friends?

You don't. It really shouldn't matter what they think - it matters what you think and how you feel towards yourself. You have nothing to prove to them and if you really don't want to do these things don't do them - trust me when I say not to follow your "friends" just because they are doing things and they think they are cool because most times things end badly and cause problems. Use your common sense and maturity and if they do not like the decisions you make for yourself then they are not really your friends to begin with.

Can the devil make you see things that are not really there?

no I define 'see things that are not really there' as illusions which are not possible. the devil is also not possible, whether you believe in religion or not. Anyway, the devil is supposed to be chained in the pit of hell. or is God not omnipotent to do that?