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7 (a, b, c, d, e, f, g)

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Q: How many basic notes are in music?
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How many notes are there in eastern music?

there are 7 notes

What are Basic or fundamentals rudiments of music?

You learn music classes about notations, timing, notes, semitones, whole tones and DT/CT.

How many natural notes are there in music?


How many music notes can one staff have in it?


How many words can be made from the music notes?


What programs can a person use to put together notes?

Putting together notes varies based on the actual type of notes required. Musically, sites like Music Notes provide this option. For basic to-do notes, sites like Sticky Notes and CNET offer these programs for free.

What does soprano recorder sheet music look like?

it is the same format, notes, and basic sound as piano sheets bro

How many pieces does a cello have?

Well, there's no real limit to notes, because you can shift. But for the basic notes, there are 20.

music notes to tah?


What musicans read to play music?

They read notes

What do musical notes mean?

notes of music

How many eighth notes are in the b flat concert scale for music?

There is no relationship between eighth notes and a concert scale.