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Q: How many naurto shippuden English dubbed episodes?
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Does naurto learn his dad is a Hokage?

yes,in episode 168 of shippuden

What eposide did Naurto came back to the village?

Naruto Shippuden, Episode 1.

Does naurto die?

answer: naruto how ever does die in the shippuden movie but the pretess sends her old self the message tus in the the future naruto uses full power rasengan and wins so he actuall never did die.

Where to watch naurto episodes? or both are good.

When does naurto Shippuden blood prison coming out for English?

sometime in early or mid 2012 read it on wikia (spoiler alert from wikia it tells this is what i think will happen) Word gets to the village about the fox starting to get out of Naruto so the village puts him into a prison (my thinkin

Will Naruto fight Sasuke in Shippuden?

Sasuke and Narutto will most certainly fight more than once in naruto shippuden. If you would like to see it for yourself, then go to NAURTO.COM. it will give you the full list of naurot episodes. Naurto loses the battle the first time they fight. The second time, its a time. I wont tell you the rest, i have to you too much already. You need to find out the rest on the website. ;)

Who is Naurto?

It a Ninja Man! ( he is a character from a anime/manga called naurto. )

When does Naurto kiss Sakura?

He hasn't

What is the Last episode of naurto to be translated?

In english, episode 34 of Naruto Shippuuden (here is a good link to all Anime shows

Sasuke kiss sakura yet in naurto?


Did suske died in the end?

if your talking about Naurto then no

Who is naurto's dad?

the fourth the fourth hokage