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yes,in episode 168 of shippuden

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Q: Does naurto learn his dad is a Hokage?
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Who is naurto's dad?

the fourth the fourth hokage

Is naurto going to be the Hokage?

We'll have to wait and see. Probably yes.

Does naurto become hocoga?

*Hokage. And no, not yet. There is a chance he won't... Kishi (the creator of the series) said he could see Sasuke being Hokage.

How will Naruto meet his dad?

some people say that narutos dad is the 4th hokage he won't. if his dad is the fourth hokage, he died at about the time naruto was born-watch the first episode andhe's a baby when the hokage dies.

Who is Naruto's dad?

Naruto's dad was the Fourth hokage, minato namikaze.

How does Naruto feels when he becomes the 6 Hokage and Kakashi tells him that the fourth Hokage is his father?

He hasn't became the 6th Hokage yet, but he finds out that the 4th Hokage is his dad in Chap 440, he finally meets his dad. Kakashi doesn't tell him at all.

Did Naruto become Hokage?

He is suppose to be the 6 hokage because Tsunade may die cause of Pain and his dad is the 4th Hokage

Is asuma konohamaru's dad?

No the third hokage is

Who is Naruto dad?

the 4th hokage

Is naruto stronger then his dad?

Yes he is stronger than his dad the fourth hokage.

Who gave Naruto his mother's surname and why?

the third hokage gave him his mother's last name to keep the kyuubi a secret coz if he knew that his dad was the 4th hokage he would learn about the 9 tails inside of him (but that really doesn't matter now)

Naruto's dad is?

Minato Namikaze, the 4th Hokage.