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Theoretically, four. Anything more than double sharps and flats is ridiculous. In practical terms, it is rare to find a black key referred to more than the next highest or lowest white key. D sharp and E flat, for example are the same key on a piano.

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Q: How many names can a black note be given?
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Why don't the black piano keys have natural note names?

The black keys are considered half note keys.... For example.... if you put your finger on the G note..... If you go up to the black key to the right of it on the keyboard you will have G sharp,,,, if you go down to the black key to the left of the G note you will have G flat.... so the black have no note name of their own....

What are the two names of the black note that is found between A and B?

A sharp and B flat.

What is the purpose of a sharp and flat note?

The Western musical system has 12 individual semitones which divide the octave (an octave being the point at which the musical system repeats itself). However, the Western musical system only uses seven letter names to represent notes (A, B, C, D, E, F, G). The remainder of the 5 notes are given names which identify their relationship between the note and the closest named note. On the piano keyboard, the "named" notes are the white notes. The black notes take their names from the closest white note. The purpose of Sharps/flats is to raise/lower a note by a half-step. The word "sharp" indicates a note which is half-step higher (to the right). C-sharp (also, C#) is the black note to the right of the note named "C". D# is the black note to the right of the note named "D". The word "flat" indicates a note which is half-step lower (to the left). E-flat (also, Eb) is the black note to the left of the note named "E". Db is the black note to the left of the note named "D". This naming system creates two strange issues. First, each black note takes on two different names. The black note to the right of C is also to the left of D. This means that this note is known as both C# and Db. Musicians say that C# is the ENHARMONIC EQUIVALENT to Db, and understand that both names refer to the same location on the keyboard. Second, because not every white note has a black note beside it, certain white notes can also be known by "sharp" or "flat" terminology. For example, there is no black note in between B and C, and no black note in between E and F. This means that C is to the right of B, and is therefore also B#. B is to the left of C, and is therefore also Cb. By the same logic, F is E# and E is Fb.

What is the setting on your piano for Mary had a little lamb?

Do you mean, "What is the Key it is sang in?" Based on the note names given, it is in the Key of C.

Are scientific names permanent?

No, as all of science is based on "what we know today", names given are sometimes merged with other, previous names. Sometimes the scientific name is changed. Sometimes species can be split into more that one. Note that there are many different scientific authorities, which quite often disagree with each other about scientific names.

When was The Given Note created?

The Given Note was created in 1995.

What are the note names to we wish you a merry Christmas for clarinet?

The note names are abgfeddcbcagbedaadgebcddgcbeaadaddggeeb

What is a enharmonic note?

An enharmonic note is a note that has two names but have the same fingering

Do the white keys on a piano have more power over the keyboard than the black keys - as in that they get their own letter names when the poor accidentals don't?

'Named notes', CDEFGABC pre-date pianos by almost a thousand years. Sharps and flats are a modification of a named note, they do not need their own names. Many early pianos had the natural keys in black and the accidentals in white.

What are the two possible names for the black note between the pianos white notes c and d?

C sharp, D flat (C#, Db)

What do you call a note given by a doctor?

doctors note or a perscription

How many tones on a keyboard from C to G?

I Belive that it is four as a tone is from one white not to another and a semitone is from a white note the a black note!