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how many rhythms can a dotted quarter note , quarter note and Pair of eighth notes

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2018-01-29 22:35:33
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Q: How many rhythms can a dotted quarter note and quarter note and Pair of eighth notes?
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How many dotted eighth notes in a dotted quarter note?

There are 3 eighth notes in a dotted quarter note.

How many dotted quarter note equal eighth notes?

How many dotted quarter note equal eighth note

How many eighth notes are in a dotted-quarter note?


How many eight notes equal one dotted quarter note?

3 eighth notes equal one dotted quarter note

How many eighth notes equals a dotted quarter note?


How many eigth notes equal one dotted quarter note?

Three eighth notes.

How many eighth notes does it take you equal a dotted half and a quarter note?

14 eigth notes

What are possible combination of musical notes in one measure of a piece written in four fourth time?

1 whole note 1 dotted half note and 1 quarter note (in any order). 2 half notes. 1 half note and 2 quarter notes (in any order). 4 quarter notes. Keep in mind that: 1 Half note=1 dotted quarter note + 1 eighth note=2 quarter notes=4 eighth notes 1 quarter note = 1 dotted eighth note + 1 16th note=2 eighth notes=4 16th notes 1 eighth note= 1 dotted 16th note + 1 32nd note = 2 16th notes=4 32nd notes Any of these notes can be replaced by their equivilants and notes can be in any order. There are limitless possibilities.

How many dotted quarter notes are in three quarter notes?

A dotted quarter note is equal to 1.5 beats. Three quarter notes are 3 beats. Therefore, 3 quarter notes is equal to 2 dotted quarter notes.

Dotted whole and dotted quarter note?

The dot adds half the value of the note that is dotted. A dotted whole would be 6 beats in 4/4, and a dotted quarter would be like 3 eighth notes in 4/4.

How many sixteenth notes one dotted quarter note?

Two sixteenths in an eighth. Two eights in a quarter. The dot equals one sixteenth. So that's five sixteenths in a dotted quarter.

When you augmentation does a quarter note equals half note?

I think you mean, if you"dot" a quarter note, does it equal a half note? The answer to that is NO. Dotting a note makes it 50% longer, or in other words adds half the original value. If a quarter note gets one beat then a dotted quarter note gets 1.5 beats. A half note is DOUBLE a quarter note, or 100% longer (2 beats). It's easy to think about if you measure in eighth notes: Quarter Note = 2 Eighth Notes Dotted Quarter = 3 Eighth Notes Half Note = 4 Eighth Notes.

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