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how many rhythms can a dotted quarter note , quarter note and Pair of eighth notes

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Q: How many rhythms can a dotted quarter note and quarter note and Pair of eighth notes?
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How many dotted eighth notes in a dotted quarter note?

There are 3 eighth notes in a dotted quarter note.

How many eighth notes equals a dotted quarter note?


How many eight notes equal one dotted quarter note?

3 eighth notes equal one dotted quarter note

How many eighth notes does it take you equal a dotted half and a quarter note?

A total of 8 eighth notes go into a double dotted half note

What are possible combinations of notes in one measure of a piece written in four four time?

The main ones are...One whole noteTwo half notesOne half note, two quarter notesOne half note, one quarter note, two eighth notesFour quarter notesThree quarter notes, two eighth notesTwo quarter notes, four eighth notesOne quarter note, six eighth notesEight eighth notes.Note that these are only a few of the many possible combinations, and they can be in any order within that item on the list.

How many dotted quarter notes are in three quarter notes?

A dotted quarter note is equal to 1.5 beats. Three quarter notes are 3 beats. Therefore, 3 quarter notes is equal to 2 dotted quarter notes.

How many sixteenth notes one dotted quarter note?

Two sixteenths in an eighth. Two eights in a quarter. The dot equals one sixteenth. So that's five sixteenths in a dotted quarter.

How many dotted quarter notes are in a dotted whole note?

How many dotted quarter note equal eighth note

When you augmentation does a quarter note equals half note?

I think you mean, if you"dot" a quarter note, does it equal a half note? The answer to that is NO. Dotting a note makes it 50% longer, or in other words adds half the original value. If a quarter note gets one beat then a dotted quarter note gets 1.5 beats. A half note is DOUBLE a quarter note, or 100% longer (2 beats). It's easy to think about if you measure in eighth notes: Quarter Note = 2 Eighth Notes Dotted Quarter = 3 Eighth Notes Half Note = 4 Eighth Notes.

Dotted whole and dotted quarter note?

A beat is the basic rhythmic unit of music. For more information, ask another question (one could ask a musically knowledgeable person in the flesh, as this is very basic musical knowledge).A dotted quarter note and an eighth note are worth two (2) beats together, with hits (notes starting) on the downbeat (beat 1) and the "and" (second half) of beat 2.If you are counting half notes (each half of each beat), then a dotted quarter note would last for three counts. If counting aloud, it would last while one counts "1 + 2" (one-and-two). The eighth note would then last when you count the "and" or + of beat 2.The top two cards in the image show a dotted quarter note plus and eighth note.The first two bottom cards (when reading left to right) show a quarter note and pair of eighth notes. The quarter note and the first eighth note are tied (with orange).The tie means to hold tone duration (or not to strike/hit on an instrument again) for the added values of the tied notes. The quarter note and eighth note tied are worth 1.5 beats - the same as a dotted quarter note. Therefore, in regards to the note values:dotted quarter note + eighth note = quarter note tied with eighth note + eighth note

How many quavers in a doted semibreve?

There are 12 quavers (eighth notes) in a dotted semibreve (dotted whole note).There are 12.

How many quarter notes equal on dotted half note?

3 quarter notes equal one dotted half note. A quarter note is one beat, and a dotted half note is three beats, so there are 3 quarter notes in a dotted half note.