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guy can open 6 gates

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โˆ™ 2008-05-09 15:52:27
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Q: How many gates can might guy open?
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How many gates can Rock Lee open?

Rock Lee can open Six chakra gates. Rock Lee is not capable of opening all chakra gates. When Rock Lee was fighting Gaara, Kakashi asked Might Guy how many gates he had got up to. Guy said he was up to five gates. Now that he has trained during time-skip, Rock Lee can probably open the sixth chakra gate now.

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How do you use might guys gates in Naruto clash of revolution?

You can only open Guy's Gate of Rest (special technique button + down on the nunchuck). That will let you able to use Primary Lotus with Gate of Rest and in Crisis Mode only.

Who is billl gates?

a rich smart guy

What is the seven gates?

a power that lee and guy have its powerful

Might guy in naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2?

yeah he's in it. His ultimate jutsu is asakujaku and his awakening is when he opens 5 gates out of 7 or 8

Can only rock lee do the gates?

No. guy can and so can kakashi

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it will always be might guy. Guy doesn't have a sister

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The Gates of Truth are portals that are inhabited by a little white guy guy with no face (except a creepy smile). You pass through the Gates when you perform human transmutation.

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