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yes. might guy can use ninjutsu and he can also use genjutsu. but he choose not to use them.

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Q: Can Might Guy use ninjutsu because he only does taijutsu. I dont remember if he did do ninjutsu. If you find an example please give it to me thanks.?
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Who is stronger itachi or Kakashi?

Itachi obviously, even though itachi gain his mangekyou sharingan on shippden his mangekyou sharingan is nothing compare to itachi mangekyou it is because that itachi is from the uchiha clan and kakashi mangekyou only can do kamui and only kakashi,naruto and sakura can (team kakashi) can defeat only one portion of itachi powerItachi'sAbilities and Jutsus:Sharingan (Bloodline)The Sharingan is an Uchiha clan bloodline limit ability. It grants the user enhanced perception, the ability to perform high level genjutsuMangekyou Sharingan (Bloodline) (Special)The evolved form of the Sharingan that grants the user even more powerful abilities. Along with higher level genjutsu, the Mangekyou Sharingan grants the power the warp space and timeDemonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change (Genjutsu)Using the Sharingan's copy ability, Itachi can counter a genjutsu and turn it on its user.Tsukuyomi (Genjutsu)Tsukuyomi is a high level genjutsu performed using Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan. The opponent is trapped inside an illusionary world where Itachi can torture him any way he wants because seconds in the real world turn into days inside the Tsukuyomi realm.Amaterasu (Ninjutsu)It is a ninjutsu Itachi can perform while using the Mangekyou Sharigan. Amaterasu creates jets of black colored flames that are said to be as hot as the sun and can literally burn through anything.Katon: Phoenix Immortal Fire (Ninjutsu)This Fire element attack releases multiple small fireballs at the opponent at rapid speed.Katon: Great Fireball (Ninjutsu)This Fire element attack fires one large fireball at the enemy. It is slower than the standard fireball, but causes greater damage.Shadow Clone Explosion (Ninjutsu)Itachi is capable of creating Shadow Clones and can cause them to explode on command. The explosion is quite powerful and can severely injure if not kill those caught in its blast.Susanoo (Summoning)This special jutsu summons a giant humanoid warrior wearing flaming armor. Susanoo's appearance is reflected by how much concentration and chakra Itachi commits.Sword of Totsuka (Weapon) (Special)A legendary spirit sword said to have the ability to seal whomever it pierces into an eternal dream-like genjutsu. Susanoo wields this sword after it is summoned.Yata's Mirror (Weapon) (Special)Another special artefact weld by Susanoo that can repel any attack. Combined with his Sword of Totsuka, Itachi is virtually invincible in both defence and offenceKakashi'sAbilities and Jutsus:Raikiri (Ninjutsu)'Lightning Edge' is a powered-up version of Kakashi's original Chidori technique. Although Raikiri produces a more densely packed mass of chakra, it also requires more skill and concentration to control.Ninken (Summon)Kakashi can summon a pack of eight ninja dogs to come to his aid. Their primary purpose is for tracking targets using their scent. In combat, the ninja dogs have been used to bite into an opponent to keep him immobile while Kakashi prepares for a more powerful attack.Pakkun (Summon)Although Pakkun is the smallest member of Kakashi's ninja dogs, he is by far the smartest. He has the ability to speak, and combined with his tracking skills, he is an invaluable companion guide.Sharingan (Special)The Sharigan is Kakashi's trump card. It grants him enhanced perception, the ability to perform high level illusionary techniques as well as copy an opponents jutsu and/or hand seals perfectly. Kakashi gained his Sharigan from his dying teammate, Obito Uchiha.Sennen Goroshi (Taijutsu)'Thousand Years of Death' is a painful technique where Kakashi puts his index and middle fingers together (coinciden -tally forming the 'fire' hand seal) and thrusts them into the opponent's rectum. Naruto experienced this jutsu when he fought Kakashi for the first time.Mangekyou Sharingan (Special)Kakashi's 'Kaleidoscope' Sharingan appears to function differently than Itachi's version. His version has the ability to warp space itself by creating dimensional rifts that can sever limbs or even suck in a huge explosion. However, using this ability is extremely tiring and requires Kakashi to rest extensively after.Suiton: Great Waterfall (Ninjutsu)This jutsu fires a massive spiraling column of water at the enemy.Suiton: Water Dragon Blast (Ninjutsu)This jutsu creates a torrent of water in the form of a serpentine dragon and lauches it at the opponent. A total of 44 hand seals are required to activate this jutsu.Doton: Inner Decapitiation (Ninjutsu)An earth jutsu where Kakashi pulls the victim from under the ground and trap him there with only his head above ground so it appears he's been decapitated.Lightning Dog (Ninjutsu)A variation of the Raikiri jutsu where the lightning chakra takes the form of an attacking dog and allows Kakashi to strike his opponent from afarLightning Clone (Ninjutsu)A dangerous variation of the normal clone technique that forms the body of the clone using lightning element chakra. The clone appears as a duplicate of the user until it is destroyed or intentionally activated, where upon it reverts into electricity and shocks whomever is in contact with it.Credits go to narutohurricane for infoIn short Itachi reason why as an example is that Itachi became the CHIEF of ANBU when he was 13years old!!!!! Whilst at that age Kakashi had just become a jonin and was under the teachings of minato. Also Kakashi admitted it seeral times through the manga and anime.

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Well i saw a few videos on youtube ( like the stories tales lies and exaggeration documentary) and a while ago i remember reading some information on it. I dont remember any exact details. But I do remember that their tape prior to 40 Oz., called Jah Won't Pay The Bills was around the time they first started recording music. It had songs like Slow Ride and Had A Dat on it. I remember that brad didnt start using right away. He was a good musician and his music was great even before he did H. I know he definitely was already on drugs by the album "Robbin' The Hood" and you can plainly tell by the lyrics in his songs. Its sad because using drugs definately changed the music, I feel. It wasn't any worse, his music was more emotional instead of that feel-good like vibe their earlier stuff was like.(for example dj's dont push, opposed to pool shark and other songs on robbin the hood that are alike) But it didnt matter because no matter what Brad went through he could still write a good song. I hope that answered your question, I found it because i was thinking the same thing and looked it up on google)

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tai means body, jutsu mean art of or way of. The way of the body. In other words, imagine all of the Japanese martial arts and philosophy placed in one martial art. Ninpo taijutsu is one example, such as Soke Masaaki Hatsumi's Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu (look it up on youtube, then you'll get an idea) Just be careful, because most of what you'll learn is self defense, but the original techniques are built to kill. Gambatte!

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Go to google maps and look up Ninjustu lessons in wherever you live. For example, Ninjutsu lessons in Hatboro, PA. There may be a place that teaches ninjutu near you. Now if you want to learn real traditional ninjutsu, go to the Hunbo Dojo in Japan. You will learn for the Ninjutsu Grandmaster, Masaaki Hatsumi.

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Ninja Jutsu A Ninja jutsu would be considered Tai or Nin,Genjutsu is not real. Based on "Naruto",Ninjas might train to form a Taijutsu or Ninjutsu. Ninjas in "Naruto" may name their jutsus,most Ninjas might not name their jutsus,and when a jutsu is used,it does not have magic,it's just basic fighting. Taijutsu is an Unarmed-type of jutsu,it does not use Smoke Bombs,or Shukons,climbing tools,and not Ninja Weapons. I don't know much about Ninjutsu. Some Jutsu or Tricks would seem magic to enemies,but a magical jutsu is not real,for example,Ninjas can climb walls: with Shukon,they can dissapear:by hiding in sand,they can use sneaky suprises,those all are considered based on jutsu.

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