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Loads - in fact he's had too many. The list is almost endless, so I can't list them all here. His worst enemy is the Daleks, but there are also other enemies such as the Cybermen, the Zygons, the Sontarans, the Master and his less well-known enemies included aliens like the Slitheen and Judoon, who are much recent. The writers always add new enemies every other series or so, so it is impossible to count all of them.

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a lot as there are many new enemies and many old improved enemies in the confusion but if Doctor Who lasts as long as star trek then who knows how many there will be.

currently there are Daleks,cybermen,slitheen,racnoss,adipose,abzorbaloff etc but there are definitely more then 100.

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Q: How many enemies has Doctor Who had?
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