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Currently, there is only one, THE CLIQUE, but its been announced that they plan to make many more.

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Q: How many clique movies are there?
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What movies was Samantha boscarino in?

The Clique

What kind of movies has elizabeth gillies been in?

The clique and harold

What movies is Bridget mendler in?

lemonade mouth, good luck charlie, the clique.

Will there be any The Clique movies coming out on DVD after the first one?

yes there will be a whole series of the clqiue movies based on each book There will be all the Clique movies. Yay! I love Alicia Rivera and Massie Block. Do ya know that in Wizards of Waverly place: Wizards vs. Vampires, the character Juliette plays Kristen in the Clique? OMG! There even will the movie Boys R us.

Does amazon prime have the clique?

They don't currently have it, but they switch up their movies once in a while.

Is all of the Clique movies out?

No, sadly just the first movie is out. Hopefully they will make more

What movies do Bridget mendler star in?

well i know a couple movies she stars in like the clique and good luck charlie. but i do not know any more movies that she stars in

Have any of the clique movies come out other than the clique?

no. but, as soon as the economy starts improving, they are going to start making Best Friends For Never, the second book in the series.

What is a symbol in the book The Clique?

oneof the many symbols in the clique series is FASHION.

How many clique books are there?

There are 20 Clique books including the summer collection. ;)

What do you know about the second Clique Movie?

The Clique only has one movie, The Clique. There are many other books but only one movie.

How many clique books has Lisi Harrison sold?

Fifteen Clique Books have been published.