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Cam Fisher isn't in The Clique Movie, Chris Abely is.

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Q: Who plays cam fisher in the clique?
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What is Cam's real name in Clique?

Cam Fisher is Cam's full name in Clique.

Who plays Cam Fisher in the Clique Movie?

I hear that it is Logan lerman who play roy in hoot...i think hes ah-dorable!

Who plays cam in the clique?

he is not in the movie..

Who is Massies crush in The Clique book?

Changes between books #1 Chris Abley # 2-3 Cam Fisher #4-7 Derrick Harrington #10- begining of # 11 Dempsy Solomen

Who plays Derrick Harrington in the clique movie?

No one plays Derrick Harrington in The Clique movie because Derrick isn't in the first Clique movie.

Does cam cheat on Claire in the clique books by lisi harrison?

No he doesn't.

Who is the reall actresses for Kristen in the clique?

The movie The Clique is based on the book The Clique by Lisi Harrison. Bridgit Mendler plays Kristen.

Who plays Claire in the clique?

Ellen Marlow.

Who plays Alicia in The Clique?

The actress that plays Alicia is Samantha Boscarino!

Who plays the character Chris ably from the clique?

In The Clique movie, Chris Abeley was played by Keli Price

Who plays Alicia in the clique movie?

Samantha Boscarino

Who plays layne in the clique movie?

Vanessa Marano