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2 movies

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Q: How many Cheaper by the dozen movies are there?
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How many movies has tom welling been in?

3 cheaper by the dozen one and cheaper by the dozen two and the Fog

What movies did Alyson stoner star in?

Lilo & Stitch, Cheaper by the Dozen, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Step Up, Step Up 3D

Is Taylor Lautner going to be in the 3 movie of cheaper by the dozen?

i really hope they put Taylor lautner in the movie cheaper by the dozen 3! i hope they make cheaper by the dozen 3, i think there supposed to make a movie cheaper by the dozen 3. just hope they make 3 more movies of that! but at the same time! Taylor lautner has other stuff to do because of the movies in twilight! right? hopefully twilight & cheaper by the dozen 3 will all work!

Who's in cheaper by the dozen 3?

same people in the first 2 movies

What is the family in cheaper by the dozen's last name?

Gilbreth in the book and baker in the movies

Who is the waiter in The Muppet Movie?

His name is Steve Martin, a famous comedian who has played in many movies including Cheaper by the Dozen.

What are the sequels to cheaper by the dozen?

Cheaper by the Dozen Cheaper by the Dozen 2

What movies was Taylo Lautner In when he was a kid?

'Shark Boy and Lava Gir'l and 'Cheaper by the dozen 2'.

What movies are Bonnie Hunt in?

Cheaper by the Dozen. Also a talk show called the Bonnie Hunt show

In the movies cheaper by the dozen is negel or kyle but still twins?

yes there twins yes in real life

Was Taylor laughtner in cheaper by the dozen?

Yes he was. You can check to see movies and shows people were in as well.

What movies did robbie amell play in?

He played in Cheaper By The Dozen 2 and American Pie Beta House