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theres millions [=

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Q: How many Liverpool FC fans are there?
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How many fans do Liverpool FC have in Poland?

a lot!

How many Liverpool FC fans in Britain?

A lot

How global is Liverpool fc?

There are Liverpool fans all over the world. To give you a sense of how many worldwide fans there are, a recent study said that Liverpool has the third most sold fake jerseys, behind Manchester United and Barcelona. Just goes to show how many people want a Liverpool Jersey (cause their fans but do not want to pay full price).

Did Liverpool fc fans steal from corpses during the Hillsborough disaster?

yes, it is common knowledge that liverpool fans were stealing from the dead corpses of their own fans after drunkenly pushing and forcing themselves forward in the stadium,

How many hatricks did Jackie balmer score for Liverpool fc?

how many hatricks did Jackie balmer score foe Liverpool fc

What subjects are discussed on the Liverpool FC forum?

The Liverpool FC forum discusses all things related to the sports team. It is a forum that links to news stories about the players, owners and the fans. It gives the fans the space to write blog posts that express how much the team means to them.

How many Liverpool fc honours?


How many employees does Liverpool FC have?


How many European cups have Liverpool FC and Manchester United FC won between them?

8 - Liverpool 5 Manchester United 3

How many visitores come to Liverpool?

fc Barcelona

What information does LFC Online provide?

The website LFC Online is dedicated to information and news about the English soccer club Liverpool FC. There is information on the history of the club, a shop with DVDs about Liverpool FC and a forum for fans to voice their opinions about the club.

What is the name of Liverpool fc park?

Liverpool fc's stadium is called Anfield