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19 Min's or 19.47

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That is completely false! (no offense)

She stayed in that chair from October to December (technically)

then you see her writing to Alice and if you look at her computer you see February and she is sitting in the same chair! I hope this helps you! who gives a flying rats tactical

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Seven and a half.

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3 months

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Q: How long is Bella depressed in New Moon?
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Is Bella in twilight going to leave edward in new moon?

No. Edward is going to leave her and she is going to be depressed

What is Bella Swan's role in New Moon by Stephenie Meyer?

the sad depressed leavings of a vampires girlfriend

Does Bella become depressed over edward being gone?

Yes Bella does become depressed over Edward's absence. (The book it is in that she is SO depressed over Edward is New Moon). And because of Edward being gone the only option is to go to Jacob for comfort.

In what scenes are the songs from the New Moon soundtrack?

well the song possibility by Lykke Li is played when the months are passing and Bella is depressed)

Is there a nude scene in new moon?

I've read the book , & I don't think so cuz Bella's kind of depressed that Edward's gone in it .

Will Bella play in the movie new moon?

Yes Kristen Stewart (Bella) will play Bella in New Moon.

Was there a new Bella in New Moon?

no, in both Twilight, And New Moon, Kristin Stewart played Bella.

How long was Bella in Italy in the book New Moon?

It was only Three days

Does Jacob like Bella in new moon?

yes, Jacob likes Bella in new moon

Does Bella turn into a werewolf in the new moon?

No, Bella Swan does not turn into a werewolf in New Moon.

In the twilight where was Bella and Edward's second kiss?

Edward and Bella kiss in New Moon again in New Moon in Bella's Birthday.

Does Bella stay with Edward in twilight new moon?

no she doesn't. edward leaves Bella in new moon