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It sold out as fast as a speding bullet :)

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Q: How fast did the PS3 sell out?
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Does Ross sell PS3 headsets?

Does Ross Sell Ps3 Headset

How fast is the PS3?

Pretty Fast

Should i sell my xbox 360 or ps3?

sell your xbox 360 because ps3 are better

Where can one sell a used controller for Ps3?

You can sell a used controller for a Ps3 on online sites such as Ebay, Amazon, and Craigslist. You can also sell a used controller for a Ps3 at GameStop.

Should I sell my PS2 for a PS3 or buy an Xbox?

No dont sell!! keep it as a sovnier PS3 !!

How do you say sell PS3 in spanish?

venta de PS3

Why does my ps3 nba 2k10 freeze at the same spot?

Sell your ps3.

Do they sell PS3 in Bangladesh?


How do you put disc PS3 games on PS3?

You can play them. you can not put them on the PS3 and then sell the games because you no longer need them.

How much could you sell a PS3 for without controllers?

As of August 2014, a new PS3 with one controller is approximately $199.00 dollars. A used PS3 without a controller may sell for an estimated $100.00

Can you switch a European PS3 with an American PS3 Will Sony do that?

I know a site where sell the cheapest ps3 switch, you can try to find it.

How long does it take to receive a picture message on the PS3?

it depends on how fast both ps3's are