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It represents the boys' connection to the outside world and civilization. They initially start it using Piggy's glasses which is the only form of advancement they still have from society. The signal fire also changes from a signal fire to a fire for cooking meat and then hunting Ralph as the boys gradually lose their connection to civilization and turn into savages.

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Yes, if you read the last few lines of the final chapter you would know that a Royal Navy vessel spots the smoke from the huge fire that engulfs the island during the hunting of Ralph by Jack and his hunters.

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At the end of novel jacks tribe tries to kill ralph, who is now left alone since piggy died,

By letting the island on fire to drive Ralph out from hiding the smoke from the fire caught the attention of a navy who came to save them

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Q: How does the signal fire save the boys in the Lord of the Flies?
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What is the symbolism of the glasses in Lord of the Flies?

the glasses symbolize hope because with the glasses the boys can start a signal fire,cook,and have heat

What crucial role did piggy play in this plan on lord of the flies?

Piggy represented civilization, reason, and intellect among the boys on the island. He played a crucial role in trying to maintain order and prevent chaos, offering practical solutions and advice to help the boys survive. However, his influence was not always heeded, leading to tragic consequences.

Lord of the Flies narrative hook?

When the signal fire goes out

In Lord of the Flies - who wanted fire for a rescue signal?


Why do the boys abandon the fire in lord of the flies?

to go hunting

How do the boys attempt to be rescued in lord of the flies?

They build a large signal fire at the top of the mountain, but it is later moved down to the beach because of the "beast" on the mountian.

Who is the last of the boys on the mountain to make the fire in lord of the flies?


What does Ralph plan to do to help the boys get boys get rescued lord of the flies?

make a fire on the hill.

What boy fell asleep and let the signal fire go out when fighters were overhead in lord of the flies?

Percival Wemys Madison is the boy who fell asleep and let the signal fire go out in "Lord of the Flies" when a potential rescuing ship passed overhead. His failure to keep the fire going leads to a missed opportunity to be rescued, adding to the boys' sense of despair and isolation.

What disastrous thing happens after the boys build a fire in Lord of the flies?

The jungle catches fire

What disastrous thing happens after the boys build the fire in lord of the flies?

The jungle catches fire

What kind of fire is needed and what is actually made Lord of the Flies?

The original purpose of the fire on the mountain was to act as a signal to attract the attention of passing ships and airplanes. Initially though the enthusiasm of the boys in throwing fresh wood on the fire lead to it becoming a huge out of control bonfire which then sends out sparks which cause further fires. Later on in the story the signal fire deteriorates into a small cooking fire for the boys on "signal fire" duty.