How does a man ejaculate in a woman?

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Well if you don't know how maybe you shouldn't try. It helps to find the hole first though

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Q: How does a man ejaculate in a woman?
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Does it take a man long to ejaculate with a big woman?

How long does it take a man to ejaculate with a "normal" woman?Just having the woman be big or plus sized doesn't effect the length of sex. It's still the same procedure.

Can a woman get pregnant if the man pulled out then ejaculated?

Yes; you can still get pregnant from pre-ejaculate as well because a males pre-ejaculate contains sperm.

What is withdrawal in sex term?

It's when the man pulls his penis out of the woman's vagina before he can ejaculate.

Why doesn't a man ejaculate during sex?

So that he can please the woman until she orgasms before he does.

What can a woman do to help her man ejaculate inside her?

talk to him, if you have open communication you can get to the root of the problem and fi it.

Can a woman get pregnant while she has been on the injection for over a year and the man did not ejaculate in her?

No. No sperm= No baby.

How to identify that woman is ejaculating during sex?

a man does not ejaculate to satisfy a woman. Ideally "IF" you were able to control yourself that much then you should wait until the woman has climaxed, because once you ejaculate you will lose your erection, and to satisfy her you would have use other means to "satisfy" her (manual stimulation)

Should a woman's ejaculate be white?


What is the cream that comes out of a girls vagina during intercourse?

When a man or woman orgasms, they generally produce ejaculate, the clearish white stuff that comes out.

Can a man drink a woman's ejaculate?

Yes, men can drink girl's secretions without adverse effects, assuming she has no diseases or similar problems.

Is it bad to drink a woman's ejaculate?

It is completely harmless.

Do men like a woman to ejaculate in their mouth?


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