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i am a woman

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Q: What did the woman say to the man?
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How does a woman say hello to a man in igbo?

A woman can say "Kedu" to a man in Igbo, which translates to "Hello" in English.

Does the man have to say sorry to the woman first?

Whether man or woman whomever should apologize for something they did should be the one who apologizes and a man shouldn't have to take the brunt by apologizing first of a woman who is in the wrong simply to appease her.

Is the maker of webkinz a woman?

People say it is a woman and not a man so I am thinking it is a woman.

When referring to unmarried woman in Italian you say?

nubile (woman)- celibe (man)

How do you say eat in amharic?

If speaking to a woman, you will say "bee", if speaking to a man, you will say "bila"

How do you say i miss your smell in Hebrew?

A man to a man: ani mitga'a'ge'a lere'akh shelkha A man to a woman: ani mitga'a'ge'a lere'akh shelakh A woman to a man: ani mitga'a'ga'at lere'akh shelkha A woman to a woman: ani mitga'a'ga'at lere'akh shelakh

What does the bible say about a woman chasing after a man?

It says a man that find a wife find a good thing not a woman that find a man find a good thing

How do you say friend in portuguese?

Amigo (man) Amiga (woman)

How do you say journalist is french?

journaliste, whether it be a man or a woman

How do you say companion in Spanish?

Compañero(man) or compañera (woman)

When can a Muslim women ask a Muslim man to marry her and he can not say no?

A Muslim woman can ask a man to marry her whenever she wants but the man can always say No.

How do you say dear friend to a woman in french?

we said chère amie to a woman and cher ami to a man