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Because Han Solo did business with Jabba the Hutt

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Q: How does Han solo know jabba the hut?
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Who was Han solo delivered to after he was frozen?

Jabba the hut

Why is jabba the hut angry at han solo?

Because he owed him lots of money

Who is greedo from Star Wars?

He is an Alien Bounty hunter who is employed by Jabba the Hut. In A new Hope he tries to kill Han Solo, but fails.

Is han solo the real hero?

Yes and no. He was a crook for Jabba the Hut but became a good guy after he helped Luke destroy the first death star.

Where can I find cheap Jabba the Hut figurines?

Jabba the Hut figurines are available for a reasonable online at Amazon, eBay, and Zimbio. The site, Fun to Collect, also sells Jabba the Hut, along with figurines from the Star Wars franchise.

What colour is Jabba the Hut?

green i think

Is The Empror stronger then Jabba The Hut?


What is Jaba the Hut's middle name?

Desilijic. Jabba's full name is Jabba Desilijic Tiure.

Can Jabba The Hut move and if so how does he and can he move fast?

Is it likely that Jabba the Hut could move slowly as a young being, but as he got older he became immobile.

Was Jabba The Hut In Return of The Jedi?

He is Bib Fortuna. I think he is pretty creepy.

How do you get to do jabba the hut missions?

Get all the bounty hunters

What level is Jabba the Hut in LEGO Star Wars?

level 9