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Q: Who takes Uncas' place of being tied up in the hut?
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What keeps intestines from being tied?

The connection of intestines to the inside of the abdominal cavity is one of the things that keeps them from being tied. They are also held in place by the abdominal wall.

What movie takes place in the desert and has a women tied to the hood of a vehicle?

the only one i can think of is Quentin Tarantino's DEATHPROOF

Can you give me a sentence for the word tied?

I tied my shoelaces The rope was tied in knots Ann and I tied for first place

How long does clamps stay in place?

Clamps stay in place until the bleeder stops bleeding or once the bleeding site being tied or coagulated.

What is the explanation for the pattern known as punctuated equilibrium?

Punctuated equilibrium predicts that a lot of evolutionary change takes place in short periods of time tied to speciation events.

Where did aladin take place?

"Aladdin" is a fictional story that takes place in the Arabian city of Agrabah. The setting is inspired by various Middle Eastern and South Asian cultures and is not tied to a specific real-world location.

Can people be charged for a dog being tied up to a tree?

If it is in the middle of nowhere, yes. If it is in a busy place, next to shops or public places, no.

In floristry what is the meaning of 'hand tied' flowers?

They are arranged flowers tied after being designed in a spiral fashion.

How do you spell tye dye?

It is spelled "tie dye" because the article being tie dyed is "tied" to prevent some portions from being exposed to the dye. It can be tied with some kind of band or even tied in a knot.

What is the phobia of being bound?

Merinthophobia- Fear of being bound or tied.

What is an independent freelance photographer?

its just a person who gets hired by all different companies who like his or her work instead of being tied down to just one place

What phobia is the fear of being bound or tied up?