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Throughout The Hunger Games series Collins keeps the suspense building as each chapter/book ends with a resolution and a cliff hanger, which keeps the reader wanting More

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Q: How does Collins build suspense from chapter to chapter and how does she make you want to keep reading in Hunger Games?
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The hunger games by Suzanne Collins summary chapter to chapter?

Read the book! We, the WikiAnswers community, shall not complete your book report!

Why is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins inappropriate for reading classes?

Well the hunger games has some inappropriat content..Not really though

What are Suzanne Collins's interests?

Her favorite color is red, she enjoys reading (obviously), and loves to hike in the woods as well as gymnastics. Suzanne Collins spends a lot of time writing and she helped publish the movie The Hunger Games. She has done many interviews and you can easily find them online.

Who is the author of Hunger Games?

Suzanne Collins.

Who is the publisher of the novel Hunger Games?

The author of The Hunger Games Trilogy is Suzanne Collins.Suzanne Collins wrote the Hunger Games. She started as a series of young adult adventure novels and is now a multimedia franchise worth millions.

What is the is the film the Hunger Games about?

It is about the book "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins.

Who is the author of Hunger?

Suzanne Collins.

Is the hunger pains written by Suzanne Collins?

The Hunger Games yes. But i do not know the Hunger Pains.

Who made up The Hunger Games?

A company didn't invent the Hunger Games. It was written by an author named Suzanne Collins. If you mean what company published the Hunger Games then that would be Scholastic.

Information about Susan Collins?

Susan Collins is the author Of The Hunger Game series.

Who created hunger games?

suzanne collins

Who was the author of Hunger Games?

Suzanne Collins