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well later on in shippuden she does find out but due to the circumstances its not how naruto and sakura fans would want it you will understand after the pein arc where things really start to heat up

No, not yet. She knows Naruto stir things up all around her. She does feel warmth and love from Naruto but she also knows that Naruto is still immature and not ready for love

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The more things change, the more they stay the same has always been a naruto theme. For example during Jiyara's time he loved Tsunade and she had a crush on Orchimaru. When Kakaishi was younger he liked this girl rin and she liked obitio. In the case with Naruto he likes Sakura and Sakura likes Sasuke. His style of writing gives it away.

Naruto has always had feelings for Sakura. He is like an older brother to her and a best friend. He is also jealous when Sakura talks to Sasuke

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Q: How do you know that Naruto love Sakura?
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Will naruto ever be loved by sakura?

Naruto loves Sakura, but we all know the only person Sakura will actually love is Sasuke.

How do you find happy tree friends the game at?

naruto love sakura naruto love sakura

Does Naruto love Hinata or does he love Sakura?

He loves Sakura.

Who does Naruto love in Naruto Shippuden?

Naruto's in love with Haruno Sakura.

Who does really sakura love?

Sakura and Naruto are the best couple in Naruto's story.Even Sakura accepts it.

In the Naruto Series Who falls in love?

Naruto >> Sakura Hinate >> Naruto Sakura >> Sasuke That's basically it...

Naruto love who Sakura or Ino or Hinata?


Will Naruto and Sakura get married?

I know that Naruto loves Sakura and Hinata does NOT deserving to be his wife! i vote sakura and naruto

How did you know that sakura's love Naruto?

When she said: "He surely can stir things up" Sakura may not have fully realized that she has deeper thoughts for Naruto but time will tell.

Do Sakura know that Naruto love her?

I'm pretty sure she already knows....

Does yamato love sakura?

Yes, Yamato does know how Sakura feels about Naruto.

Does lee love Naruto?

No, Lee does not love Naruto, He loves Sakura.