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We know Bilbo, The Hobbit, was well guided and well guarded on his way home because Gandalf, the wizard, accompanied Bilbo all the way home to his hobbit-hole, while Beorn, the shape-shifter, accompanied him just until they approached his house in Mirkwood. Also because Beorn gives very good advice about Mirkwood.

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Gandalf accompanied him the whole way home. Beorn was with him early in the trip around Mirkwood.

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How do we know that Bilbo was well guided and well guarded on his way home

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They went with the elves back to Mirkwood and Beorn travelled with them as well. Gandalf travelled with him for the last bit of the trip.

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Q: How do you know that Bilbo was well guided and well guarded on his way home?
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Many people knew that the One Ring existed, but they didn't know that Bilbo had it, except for Gollum. Gandalf suspected that Bilbo had the ring, but he wasn't sure.

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