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The Goblins Know someone is at the gate because they see bilbos shadow and believe that someone is there. And when Bilbo goes to get threw the gate his brass buttons pop off.

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Q: How do the Goblins know that someone is at the gate?
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What did the goblins call the lower gate in the hobbit?

They called it the Front Door. The Back Door was the cave where the party had sheltered from the storm.

What are the goblins names ine the hobbit?

There are hundreds of goblins in The Hobbit. You probably want to know the names of the 3 trolls. They were William, Bert and Tom.

Is goblins look like little troll a simile?

You are really mad! And you love someone...

How do you get through a security gate if you don't have gate opener?

Get someone who does to open it for you.

Why is chapter fifteen of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows called Goblin's Revenge?

the goblins know the sword of gryffindor is a fake and since the goblins crafted it they knew it was a copy

Is there such thing as goblins?

No, goblins are fictional creatures.

What is the goblins' fear?

The fear of goblins is Gobliophobia

What is the fear of goblins?

The fear of goblins is Gobliophobia

Why did Thorin offer to lead the group of afventueres to the front gate?

Thorin did this to ensure the Goblins did not get behind the forces of good and trap them.

Do the goblins know what a hobbit is?

Apparently not, as they referred to Bilbo as 'this' when presenting the prisoners to the Goblin King.

Do goblins exist?

They are mythical creatures. but it may be true they exist if you look hard enough. (though i wouldn't go looking for goblins if i were you, very troublesome bunch, they are)

How do you know that a goblin has goblin mail?

You don't really know you just have to kill goblins until you find a goblin mail