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Frodo knows Gandalf because Gandalf was like Bilbo (Frodo's grand-uncle) guardian on Bilbo's adventures. Now, Frodo knows Gandalf through Bilbo.

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Q: How does Frodo know who Gandalf is?
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Did Frodo Gandalf and Bilbo return to Middle-earth after leaving?


How does Frodo feel after talking to Gandalf about having the ring in his possession?

Frodo feels a sense of responsibility and fear after talking to Gandalf about having the ring in his possession. He realizes the weight of the task ahead and the danger that comes with it.

How did Gollum find out that the first statement that bilbo said to him was a lie?

Frodo knew this ever since his talk with Gandalf at Bag End. Gandalf told Frodo of Gollum's history, and the sad fate of what happened to Sméagol and Déagol.

How is the effect scale created when Frodo and Gandalf are riding in the wagon in the movie lord of the rings?

Frodo is actually sitting a ways back in the cart from Gandalf, but because the seats they are on are not actually shown and compared, and the side of the cart is the same, the audience gets the effect that Frodo is just smaller, and not actually sitting back.

How does Frodo learn of the enemy and the rebuiding the dark tower in the land of mordor?

Gandalf tells him

How did Gandalf punish sam for evesdropping in the fellwship of the ring?

He made him leave the Shire with Frodo.

Which book character said courage is found in unlikely place?

Gandalf said it to Frodo

Name a character from Lord of the Rings?

frodo bagins the hobbit FAMILY FEUD: frodo gandalf gollum legolas aragorn sam gimli

How do Merry Pippin and Sam know that Frodo has been planning to leave the shire?

They were close to him, and knew that something was afoot, but not knowing what that was, they had Sam spy on him. (In the book) In the movies, they knew because Sam was roped into it without a choice by Gandalf, and Merry and Pipin knew only beause they ran into him, and desired to help when the saw that danger was following him.

Lord of the Rings who set out on the quest with Frodo?

The group of people who set out from Rivendell with Frodo were; Sam, Merry, Pippin, Legolas, Aragorn, Boromir, Gimli and Gandalf.

How did Gollum remember his name?

Gandalf told Frodo about Gollum's history while they were at Bag End then later in the story Frodo told Gollum his true name.

What does Gandalf tell Frodo he has to do with the Ring?

take it to mt. doom and destroy it because Saurman is looking for it