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Frodo knows Gandalf because Gandalf was like Bilbo (Frodo's grand-uncle) guardian on Bilbo's adventures. Now, Frodo knows Gandalf through Bilbo.

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Q: How does Frodo know who Gandalf is?
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How do Merry Pippin and Sam know that Frodo has been planning to leave the shire?

Sam has been "spying" on Frodo and Gandalf as they planned Frodo's departure and telling Merry and Pippin about those plans. However that supply of information stopped after Gandalf caught Sam listening in.

How did Frodo realize that Gollum was Smeagol?

Frodo knew this ever since his talk with Gandalf at Bag End. Gandalf told Frodo of Gollum's history, and the sad fate of what happened to Sméagol and Déagol.

Who are Gandalf's friends?

from LOTRs? Gimli, Samwise,Frodo Baggins,....

Did Frodo Gandalf and Bilbo return to Middle-earth after leaving?


Where do Frodo Sam Gandalf and the Elves live?

Everyone lives in Middle-earth.

Why does Frodo so readily agree with Gandalf's advice that he go to Rivendell?

I think it's because he know's his Uncle Bilbo is there. ---- Frodo doesn't know where Bilbo is. But if Gandalf tells him he has to take the One Ring to Rivendell where it would be save, before he is found in the Shire, what else should he do?Because he knows if he stays in the Shire the Ringwraiths will easily find him and kill him.

Which book character said courage is found in unlikely place?

Gandalf said it to Frodo

How did Gandalf punish sam for evesdropping in the fellwship of the ring?

He made him leave the Shire with Frodo.

How does Frodo learn of the Enemy and the rebuilding of the Dark Tower in the Land of Mordor?

Gandalf tells him

Name a character from Lord of the Rings?

frodo bagins the hobbit FAMILY FEUD: frodo gandalf gollum legolas aragorn sam gimli

How is the effect scale created when Frodo and Gandalf are riding in the wagon in the movie lord of the rings?

Frodo is actually sitting a ways back in the cart from Gandalf, but because the seats they are on are not actually shown and compared, and the side of the cart is the same, the audience gets the effect that Frodo is just smaller, and not actually sitting back.

Who is Frodo's guardian?

Bilbo Baggins.Another opinion:Although Bilbo Baggins was Frodo's cousin (he is often assumed to be his uncle, but they are in fact cousins), and Bilbo named Frodo as his heir, I don't believe Bilbo was actually Frodo's guardian during the whole of Lord of the Rings. I think his actual guardian was Gandalf the Grey (later Gandalf the White) the wizard that had been friends with him since he was a child. While Bilbo spent his years in Rivendell writing a book, Gandalf was off helping Frodo to save the world, and doing the best he could to protect the young hobbit on his dangerous journey.A 3rd opinion:In the book, Bilbo was 78 years older than Frodo, and he adopted Frodo (age 12) when both of his parents died in a boating accident. Gandalf was an extremely infrequent visitor to the Shire. Gandalf and Frodo were together on the Quest for Mordor for a grand total of three months, and two of those months were spent at Rivendell with Bilbo. I vote for Bilbo as Frodo's guardian.

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